• Why own an Irrigation system? Why own an Irrigation system?

    Why own an Irrigation system?

Why own an Irrigation system?

• You can save 40% of the water it takes to hand water your yard.

• Your home’s resale value can be increase by as much 11% according to a 1999 Clemson University study.

• Better looking landscape with less work. You’ll have lush green grass all season long!

• Flowers and ornamental plantings will bloom sooner and longer with more and larger flowers.

• Saves your yard and expensive plants during a drought period.

• You can grow plant material you cannot without irrigation.

Do it Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional

The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) offers consumers advice about how to tackle their yard. It is important to know when doing it yourself is a good option and when it is best to hire a professional.

PLANET suggests that people first focus on making sure that their lawn, plants, trees, and shrubs are healthy. Do a walk-through of the yard, look at the plants, trees, and shrubs and make sure they look green and healthy. If the lawn is patchy and brown or the plants, trees, or shrubs are diseased, it is a good idea to call a professional lawn care company to make an assessment and offer solutions.

Hire a professional for:

  • Landscape design and installation — Most people, with the exception of very experienced gardeners, do not feel comfortable designing a landscape, so they generally turn to professionals for design and installation help.
  • New lawn installation or major repairs — Installing a new yard or repairing a damaged yard is difficult and time consuming. Professional companies have the equipment, training, and the skills to do this task, and to do it safely. It is important to the value of a home that the lawn is in good condition.
  • Irrigation, aeration, and lighting projects — Projects such as installing irrigation systems, aerating a lawn, and installing outdoor lighting are usually done by people with professional grade equipment and expertise.

Do it yourself for:

  • Maintenance — Some people opt to have lawn care and landscaping companies mow, weed, prune, and trim hedges on a regular basis. However, homeowners with an interest in gardening or who are looking to save money can do some of their own maintenance.
  • Seasonal sprucing up — Homeowners can add a lot to their curb appeal by planting […]
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The Benefits of Irrigation are Real

A well-designed, properly installed and appropriately maintained irrigation system can be the most efficient way to keep a landscape healthy. The benefits of an automatic irrigation system include:

  • Reduced labor for watering
  • Convenience
  • Full landscape coverage
  • Easy control over irrigation timing for early-morning watering
  • Added value to your home or business property
  • Minimized plant loss during drought

With irrigation systems that deliver exactly the right amount of water at the right time to lawns, plants and trees, you can be assured of environmentally sound and efficient results. The irrigation industry offers reliable options and affordable technology (such as rain sensors) for water conservation and efficient water distribution to protect landscaping investments.

Water-Efficient Landscapes

Thinking about a greener landscape? The typical suburban lawn consumes 10,000 gallons of water above and beyond rainwater each year. Applying water-efficient landscaping principles such as planting low-water-use plants, covering soil with mulch, and keeping your soil healthy can help reduce outdoor water use.

Having a beautiful landscape doesn’t have to mean wasting water or money. These simple steps can help transform all of your outdoor spaces.

  • Detect and repair all leaks in irrigation system.
  • Use properly treated wastewater for irrigation where available.
  • Water the lawn or garden during the coolest part of the day (early morning is best). Do not water on windy days.
  • Water trees and shrubs, which have deep root systems, longer and less frequently than shallow-rooted plants that require smaller amounts of water more often. Check with the local extension service for advice on watering needs in your area.
  • Set sprinklers to water the lawn or garden only – not the street or sidewalk.
  • Use soaker hoses or trickle irrigation systems for trees and shrubs.
  • Install moisture sensors on sprinkler systems.
  • Use mulch around shrubs and garden plants to reduce evaporation from the soil surface and cut down on weed growth.
  • Remove thatch and aerate turf to encourage movement of water to the root zone.
  • Raise your lawn mower cutting height – longer grass blades help shade each other, reduce evaporation, and inhibit weed growth.
  • Minimize or eliminate fertilizing, which promotes new growth needing additional watering.
  • When outdoor use of city or well water is restricted during a drought, use the water from the air conditioning condenser, dehumidifier, bath, or sink on plants or the garden. Don’t use water that contains bleach, automatic-dishwashing detergent or fabric softener.

WaterSense aims to take some of the guesswork out of watering your yard by making it easy […]

Watching Every Drop. More Beauty with Less Water.

Throughout time, in every land, water has been revered as a life-giving force. Early cultures youth Baltimore Ravens Allen Javorius jersey created deities to protect the water, mystical spirits that rewarded people for proper usage. And severely punished those who partook without proper respect. We like to take a more modern approach to water management.

Take a look around. Attractive landscapes do more than please the eye. They’re essential to our health and general well being. However, many people assume America’s lush lawns are inefficient consumers of water. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Landscaping accounts for only 2.9% of total water usage nationwide. And with sensible stewardship of our limited resources, this figure could be reduced even further.

Emerald Lawns, Inc. provides better options Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping – Buy now Save Up 60% Off! for water conservation and control. For landscapes and gardens to thrive in many areas requires balanced water delivery either from rainfall or irrigation. The following are just some of the affordable technology options now available for the conservation of water.

Automatic controllers Allow control of watering time, water amount, and different application rates for different types of plants. All adjustable to changing weather conditions, all automatically.

Soil moisture measurement – Devices that monitor the amount of water in the soil available to plants, turning irrigation on or off as appropriate to maximize plant growth rates while minimizing the water used.

Rain shut-off devices – Systems that sense when it is raining and shut off the irrigation system.

Advanced performance sprinklers – Computer analyzed nozzles and spray patterns providing uniform […]